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Welcome to Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc.


Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc. was formed in March 1995 and has grown to offer its clients a diverse disciplinary cross section of environmental services. Azimuth's goal is to provide clients with expert environmental consulting solutions that effectively meet their needs. Our professional staff are predominantly senior consultants with expertise in environmental planning, regulation/policy development, agriculture, hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology, hydrogeology of fractured rock, geochemistry, hydrology, environmental engineering, fisheries biology, wildlife management/biology, terrestrial biology, environmental restoration and botany.

New Partnership Announcements

Azimuth is pleased to announce that Dan Stuart and Lorna Salgado have joined the firm as Partners, and that David Ketcheson, a Partner for the last 25 years, will be retiring at the end of 2023. All three individuals are long-time employees who have made important contributions to the success of our company.

Lorna Salgado is our Office Administrator and has worked at Azimuth since 2006. Over her time with Azimuth she has progressively taken on an increasingly larger role in the corporation's administration functions which now includes human resources, fiscal administration, procurement and accounting. She continues to streamline administrative systems while adapting to the increasing growth demands of the organization.

Dan Stuart is our Ecology Lead and Senior Terrestrial Ecologist, and has worked at Azimuth since 2015. He has made significant contributions to our success on important projects like the Phase 2 extension of Highway 407 East. He recently completed his Masters degree in Conservation and Biodiversity, and his responsibilities include coordination of our ecology team as well as managing ecology studies.

David Ketcheson, a Senior Environmental Engineer, joined Azimuth in 1998, and has built our Contaminant and RSC areas of practice. David has provided technical expertise on thousand of projects during his career and has made valuable contributions to our clients and in growing our staff expertise. David will be taking some time to enjoy traveling abroad with his wife, Cindy, and will still be available to advise on key Azimuth projects.

Featured Projects

Highway 407 Extension

The Highway 407 East Phase 2 project includes the extension of Highway 407 22 km from Harmony Road in Oshawa to Highway 35/115, and Highway 418 to connect Highway 407 with Highway 401. The Highway 407 East Phase 2 will be a toll road and owned by the Ontario government.


ClubLink provides high-caliber golf opportunities at more than 50 courses in Ontario, Quebec and Florida. Comprehensive environmental management of these facilities includes active programs to adapt and monitor water use, wastewater treatment and re-use, IPM programs, and ecological programs.


In Ontario’s current development landscape and scale of site alteration, nearly all development projects have the potential to impact one or more Species at Risk and/or habitat used by Species at Risk.