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Employee Directory

Senior Hydrogeologist / Hydrogeochemist / President
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Mike is a founding member of Azimuth. His areas of specialty include water supply, ground water and surface water geochemistry, and contaminant hydrogeology. In addition to his corporate administrative role, he primarily acts as a senior scientist for hydrogeological and servicing-related projects and has over 25 years of experience as a consulting hydrogeologist. Mike has completed more than 50 landfill design and monitoring projects across Ontario, and approximately 400 well impact evaluations on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation. Servicing-related projects involve the assessment of potable water and sewage treatment opportunities for a proposed or existing development. Mike has completed approximately 40 of these projects at a wide variety of sites.
Senior Environmental Engineer / Legacy Partner
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David’s experience as a professional engineer includes over 35 years specializing in contaminant mitigation and water resource evaluations. He continues to provide oversight on engineering design work for both communal servicing and municipal solid waste and provides technical support for most of the landfill projects conducted by Azimuth. David is Board certified and has successfully provided expert testimony and third party reviews on hydrogeologic principles for several Class A, below water aggregate resource licensing applications.
Senior Hydrogeologist / Partner
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A Senior Hydrogeologist with Azimuth, Colin has 15 years of experience specializing in hydrogeology and environmental sciences. His consulting experience is broad and encompasses field components, report writing, project management and liaison with applicable regulatory authorities. He has completed many projects ranging from landfill operations, approvals and environmental monitoring, Permit to Take Water (PTTW) applications and other contaminant investigations. Colin is project lead on all landfill jobs and has experience with more than 40 landfill sites performing ground water, surface water and gas monitoring, drill rig supervision, packer testing, reporting, project management and database development & management tasks. Colin has completed numerous well claim investigations for the Ministry of Transportation as well as Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and work at existing contaminated sites for the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transportation.
Senior Environmental Engineer / Partner
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Jackie has over 15 years of experience as an Environmental Engineer with a scientific background in contaminant hydrogeology, wastewater/ water engineering design, evaluations, and inspections. Her areas of expertise include planning and the design of private sector waste facilities and communal potable treatments systems for vegetable processing facilities, private resort developments, golf and country clubs, campgrounds, and rural housing developments.
Fisheries Ecologist / Environmental Site Inspector / Partner
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Matt has over 15 years of consulting experience with a focus on aquatic biology. He performs fish sampling and aquatic habitat assessments to acquire environmental approvals from regulatory agencies for numerous projects, many of which include the completion of mitigation, restoration, and compensation plans. Matt also leads Azimuth’s environmental inspection during construction team and has provided onsite monitoring for large scale construction projects throughout Ontario. Matt holds a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) certification, in addition to successfully completing the MTO/DFO/MNR Fisheries Specialist Training Course, and has detailed working experience acting as an MTO RAQS qualified “Fisheries Assessment Specialist”, “Fisheries Contracts Specialist” and “Environmental Inspection During Construction Specialist”.
Senior Aquatic Ecologist / Partner
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Sara has over 20 years experience specializing in fisheries and aquatic habitat assessments, environmental impact assessments, biological inventories, fisheries assessments and evaluation of ecological system for land development projects requiring Environmental Impact Studies /Natural Heritage Evaluations, and Environmental Assessments. Sara's experience includes projects requiring environmental input and review for Class EA's, preliminary and detail engineering designs, tender preparation, and environmental monitoring both during project implementation, and post construction for agency approval compliance. Sara is MTO RAQS qualified “Fisheries Assessment Specialist”, and “Fisheries Contracts Specialist”, and is currently managing the environmental components of the Highway 407 Phase 2 East for natural heritage disciplines including, fisheries, wildlife, species at risk, wetlands and vegetation, hydrogeology, and contaminant and waste management, for the duration of the contract.
Senior Terrestrial Ecologist / Partner
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Dan has studied a diverse set of flora and fauna through natural heritage assessments, Species at Risk assessments, academic research, ecological restoration, and environmental monitoring. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph and holds a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Mohawk College. Daniel’s primary duties at Azimuth include the implementation of Class Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Natural Heritage Evaluations for the acquisition of Municipal, Provincial, and Federal environmental approvals. Daniel is also the lead terrestrial ecologist on the Highway 407 East Phase 2 provincial highway project. He is responsible for carrying out records reviews, participating in agency consultation, the development of field programs, data collection, data processing, and synthesizing technical reports. He is proficient in the identification of upland and wetland vascular plants and plant communities (including specialized habitats and rare communities), and in the identification of wildlife including mammals, avifauna, and herpetofauna. Daniel is certified by the Province in Ecological Land Classification for Southern Ontario, the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System, and is a designated Butternut Health Assessor.
Office Administrator / Partner
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Lorna provides the Azimuth team with administrative and accounting support. Her duties include overseeing project start-up, processing all project billing, preparing various monthly project reports, management of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Lorna also administers the company group benefit plan, processes payroll, confirms adherence to company policies and protocols as well as assisting with Human Resource matters.
Terrestrial Ecologist
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Adam is a Terrestrial Ecologist with over 5 years of experience specializing in botanical inventories, vegetation community identification and wildlife surveys targeting bats, reptiles and amphibians. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Brock University, as well as an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Ecosystem Restoration from Niagara College. His primary duties include natural heritage assessments, data collection and writing of technical reports toward regulatory approvals associated with private developments and municipal and provincial infrastructure. Adam is experienced in Ecological Land Classification and is certified under the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System.
ALAN TURNER, Dipl.T. (Env)
Environmental Technician
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Alan’s experience pertains to both hydrogeology and environmental science including various projects, field investigations and monitoring programs. His field experience includes: subsurface soil and ground water investigations, soil classification, drill rig supervision, gas monitoring, environmental sampling (ground water, surface water and soil), slug/percolation testing, well/aquifer pump testing and stream flow measurement. He has been a viable team member on a variety of Landfill Operations projects, Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Hydrogeological and Site Servicing Studies. He is a graduate of Georgian College (Environmental Technology) with over 10 years of experience in the consulting industry.
Terrestrial Ecologist
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Alexa specializes in terrestrial ecology and manages natural heritage studies to facilitate the process of negotiating the acquisition of municipal, provincial, and federal environmental approvals. She prepares Environmental Impact Studies, Natural Heritage Evaluations and Species at Risk Assessments. Alexa completes biological inventories of plants, mammals, avifauna and herpetofauna, and evaluates ecological systems in order to identify natural heritage constraints for consideration in the evaluation of a variety of project types. She is trained in ultrasonic acoustic survey techniques for bats and has experience in the planning and implementation of acoustic bat surveys. Alexa is MTO RAQs certified under the Natural Sciences specialty, certified as a Butternut Health Assessor, and holds provincial designations in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) for Southern Ontario.
CAD/GIS Designer
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Arthur supports Azimuth with drafting and GIS (Geographic Information System) plan production. With a background in the civil engineering industry, Arthur primarily deploys Autodesk Civil 3D and QGIS functionality to meet the cartographic and analytic standards of the staff at Azimuth. He is a graduate of the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and holds an advanced diploma in Civil Engineering Technology.
Environmental Scientist
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Brad's experience is diverse in the field of Environmental Science. He has successfully completed environmental field investigations related to both Hydrogeology and the Natural Environment. His field experience includes: supervising drilling programs; environmental monitoring and sampling (groundwater, surface water and soil); soil exploration and characterization; aquifer testing and analysis; and terrain, vegetation and environmental constraints mapping. He is a graduate of Royal Roads University (B.Sc. in Environmental Science) and Georgian College (Environmental Technology Diploma), where he developed his core knowledge of the environmental industry. He has been a contributing team member on various Hydrogeological and Site Servicing Studies, PTTW/ECA Applications and Monitoring, Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Aggregate Resource Development Projects.
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Brendan has been working in Environmental Consulting for over ten (10) years specializing in hydrogeology, contaminate hydrogeology and environmental sciences. Brendan’s experience is varied and has involved field components, report writing, project management and liaison with applicable regulatory authorities. Brendan utilizes this experience to assist clients with many types of environmental projects including various tasks associated with landfill operations, approvals and environmental monitoring, Permit to Take Water (PTTW) applications for both temporary (i.e. construction dewatering) and permanent ground and surface water takings (i.e. irrigation), hydrogeological assessments for land development and other contaminant investigations. Brendan received relevant training in the form of a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree (Hons.) from Trent University. He received his Environmental Professional Designation in 2018 specializing in Site Assessment, Reclamation and Water Quality. Brendan has completed numerous environmental site assessments as well as large and small scale remediation projects over his career, and is well acquainted with the requirements for filing Record of Site Conditions (O. Reg 153/04).
David D  
Terrestrial Ecologist
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David has experience studying a variety of flora, fauna and ecosystems through a combination of ecological surveys, monitoring, restoration, research, and inventory work. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he studied biological science, with particular focus on environmental biology, especially pertaining to insects and plants. David is a recent addition to the Azimuth team and will be involved in a variety of projects including class environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments, ecological monitoring, inventories and surveys, and restoration project evaluation. Much of his time will be dedicated to work supporting the Highway 407 East Phase 2 provincial highway project. He is proficient in the identification of upland and wetland plants, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and has surveyed for/worked with a variety of rare and endangered species. He has a particular interest in entomology and insect identification, specializing in butterfly, dragonfly and damselfly biology and identification. David is experienced in the implementation of Ecological Land Classification (ELC), for which he is certified by the Province of Ontario.
Environmental Technologist / Certified Arborist
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Drew specializes in hydrogeological/hydrological field investigations and monitoring programs. Duties include the completion of subsurface soil and ground water investigations, including drill rig supervision, soil and ground water sampling, soil classification, ground/surface water level monitoring, slug/percolation testing, well/aquifer pump testing and stream flow measurement/monitoring, Permit to Take Water applications, water balance assessments, septic suitability assessments and residential/municipal water supply studies. Drew is also a Certified Arborist (ISA) and Butternut Health Assessor (MNRF), Drew’s practical experience has involved projects that have required knowledge in forest management, forest measurement, tree inventories, tree health assessments and tree preservation plans.
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Jennifer received relevant training in the form of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science from McMaster University and a Masters Degree in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Guelph. She specializes in hydrogeology and environmental earth science. Her work experience encompasses projects requiring expertise in hydrogeological investigations, evaluation of ground and surface water systems, impact assessment and development of management and/or remediation measures as they relate to the use of water supplies. Jennifer has also completed numerous Phase I / II ESAs, Permit to Take Water applications, landfill ground water leachate monitoring and annual report production. She is a registered Practising member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.
Senior Terrestrial Ecologist
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Jim specializes in the completion of environmental impact assessments to acquire approvals for development. Tasks include gathering of background information, completion of field inventories to define existing conditions, assessment of the potential for negative impacts to sensitive terrestrial and aquatic natural heritage features and functions including habitat of Species at Risk, evaluation of policy and regulation conformity - through the writing of impact assessment reports and follow-up on review agency comments. Jim is experienced in the application of natural heritage policy and regulation as conveyed through Ontario’s Provincial Policy Statement, Regional and Municipal Official Plans, Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007, etc. and has appeared at numerous Ontario Municipal Board hearings/mediation sessions as a qualified ecologist. Jim is certified by the province of Ontario as a Wetland Evaluator and Butternut Health Assessor. His 35+ year career is evenly split between wildlife research conducted on a number of species for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and most recently, environmental assessment work conducted for the private sector.
Terrestrial Ecologist
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Jordan is an Ecologist at Azimuth with experience in terrestrial ecology conducting ecological monitoring of Species at Risk and baseline inventories within southern Ontario. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph (Biodiversity) and holds a graduate certificate in Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment from Cambrian College. At Azimuth Jordan completes Environmental Impact Studies, Species at Risk Assessments, and Natural Heritage Evaluations to document existing conditions and identify project constraints. She is experienced in identifying wildlife including avifauna, insect communities, invasive species, herptofauna and mammals, and applying the Ecological Land Classification in southern Ontario. Jordan holds designations in the Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) and possesses a Landscape and Forestry Exterminator License’s
Terrestrial Ecologist
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Lisa has 14 years of experience specializing in terrestrial wildlife ecology. Her experience is broad and includes complete Project Management on projects requiring expertise in biological inventories of amphibians, birds, wildlife and vegetation, evaluation of ecological systems, impact assessment and development of management measures for Environmental Impact Studies. Lisa has performed work on municipal road repair/expansion projects, large-scale residential/commercial/industrial development, individual lot severances, linear corridors including pipelines and water mains, site restoration, natural heritage studies within larger planning areas, storm water planting plans and naturalization plans.
Senior Aquatic Ecologist/Environmental Site Inspector
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Roger specializes in both the aquatic ecology field and on-site construction monitoring. Roger has extensive experience working on both large and small scale projects across Ontario, including numerous Environmental Impact Studies, Natural Heritage Constraints Analysis, and Class Environmental Assessments. Roger also works extensively on active construction projects around fish and fish habitat, including culvert replacements, highway rehabilitations, new highways/roadways, and watercourse realignments. He also works on the design phase for in-water or near-water projects that require the review of natural channel design drawings (riffle/run/pool morphology, riparian vegetation, fish passage, etc.), erosion and sediment control drawings, and general fish and fish habitat mitigation measures to meet regulatory requirements. Roger holds a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) certification and is RAQS qualified as a “Fisheries Assessment Specialist”, “Fisheries Contracts Specialist”, and “Environmental Inspection During Construction Specialist”.
Terrestrial Ecologist
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Dr. Scott Tarof is a highly-trained Senior Terrestrial Ecologist with expertise in behavioural ecology, conservation and molecular genetics. He joined the Azimuth team in May 2016. At Azimuth, Scott manages a diverse project portfolio including Environmental Impact Studies for private landowners, municipalities and construction companies, and Natural Heritage Evaluations on properties on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Scott brings to Azimuth 15 years of experience in university research, teaching, project management, business administration and client stewardship. Scott is also a passionate educator and teaches university courses part-time involving habitat restoration, biophysical monitoring and soil geochemistry.
Environmental Technologist
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Spencer is an Environmental Technician at Azimuth who specializes in hydrological and hydrogeological field investigations. Spencer has considerable experience in subsurface soil and groundwater sampling, surface/groundwater level monitoring, aquifer pump testing, slug testing, percolation testing, and stream flow monitoring. Spencer has complimented his field investigations with thorough analysis to assist in the completion of a number of Phase I studies, PTTW applications, and landfill monitoring reports. Spencer graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Environmental Studies and has been with Azimuth since 2021.