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Fisheries & Aquatic Biology

Any project proposed in or around water has the potential to negatively impact fish and their habitats, and may require fisheries approvals from your local Conservation Authority or Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) in accordance with the Federal Fisheries Act.  Azimuth's team of experienced fisheries and aquatic biologists provide expertise in fisheries approvals for an array of project types, including shoreline development (dwelling, boathouse, docks), culvert improvements (new or alterations to existing), stream realignments, drain maintenance, dredging, stream restoration/ rehabilitation, or pond construction.  Azimuth's field studies include the completion of detailed fisheries and benthic invertebrate ("aquatic bugs") assessments in order to evaluate the implications of a project on the aquatic environment.  Azimuth also provides fish habitat compensation plans, designs for naturalized channels for stream modifications, stream rehabilitation/restoration, and monitoring of construction-related activities such as on-site construction monitoring, fish removal and relocation, pre- and post development monitoring, or research oriented monitoring.