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Fisheries Monitoring

Azimuth routinely develops detailed monitoring programs as components of our Fisheries and Aquatic Resources impact assessment studies in order to satisfy regulatory agencies and secure environmental approvals. Monitoring programs are developed for individual projects depending upon site conditions and type of development, and may include benthic invertebrate monitoring, fish sampling, temperature monitoring, riparian renaturalization plans, fish spawning surveys and morphological assessments of fluvial geomorphological characteristics of a watercourse. Azimuth's biologists are actively involved in the design, acquisition of environmental approvals, and the completion of pre-and post development monitoring to document the environmental effects of various types of development on fisheries and aquatic resources.

Our fisheries biologists are qualified to complete fish sampling using an array of equipment to assist contractors with fish removal and relocation prior to site dewatering in order to comply with regulatory agency approvals. Azimuth also is listed in MTO's Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS) as an approved, registered consultant with MTO to complete the following ‘Specialties', (as listed on, Consultant, Registered Consultant Listing, Engineering): Fisheries Assessment, Fisheries Inspection During Construction, Fisheries Compliance During Contracts.