Water Treatment

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering represents a bridge between environmental concepts into applied science. There are various design and implementation disciplines of engineering that Azimuth staff routinely address such as stormwater outfalls to watercourses, sewage treatment, water-taking / treatment facilities, solid waste infrastructure and design or contaminant restoration. With the continually evolving regulatory framework, there is an increasing need for engineering applications to have an environment-first approach.

It also has direct practical application. Azimuth has a great deal of experience in the evaluation of contaminant migration in fractured rock systems, and has successfully applied this knowledge to the evaluation of ground water impacts at pits and quarries. In contaminant remediation, our clients appreciate the fact that Azimuth is retained to resolve the problem and not study its presence in the environment.

Azimuth continues to support our municipal clients in providing practical solid waste management solutions. From landfill design and approval to site contingency / restoration works at existing facilities, Azimuth's approach is to find a workable solution that recognizes and fits well with our client's needs and abilities.