Water Tanks

Site Servicing

Azimuth provides package services for water and sewage management systems, working with a equipment suppliers to give clients turnkey solutions. We take an integrated cradle to grave approach to handling of water, from the point of taking from the natural environment, through its use, the collection and treatment of sewage and, finally, the release of treated effluent back to the natural environment.

Azimuth has obtained MOE Certificates of Approval for treatment facilities for individual residences and cottages, golf clubhouses, resorts, recreation complexes, schools and isolated municipal communities. These plants range in size from 2 to 400 cubic meters per day.

Water-taking requires an OWRA Permit to Take Water. As a requirement of approval, water-takings must not have a significant negative impact to the natural environment nor adversely impact on other users. The provision of drinking water is also regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, prescribing treatment and monitoring standards. Drinking water treatment systems are designed reflecting the quality fo the water source, typically requiring filtration and disinfection.

Similarly, sewage treatment requirements depend on site conditions, the volume and quality of the influent sewage and the seasonality of facility operations. Treatment can be as simple as a standard septic tank and leaching bed or as complex as a full tertiary treatment plant. Azimuth can assist you with comprehensive planning to ensure that the systems mesh with development phasing.