Construction of Landfill

Environmental Planning

Projects subject to approval under the provincial Environmental Assessment (EA) Act, Class Environmental Assessment's or the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act require environmental planning expertise to ensure compliance with the EA process. Azimuth staff have completed full and class EA Act approvals for new/expanded landfill sites, high voltage transmission lines, new provincial highways, municipal sewage/water and road projects, major gas pipelines or large energy projects.

Our environmental planning expertise in the EA process enables us to function as project managers to direct the decision-making process and the activities of the multidisciplinary team to ensure compliance with the planning requirements of the EA Act. Our staff has a working knowledge of the environmental and engineering disciplines required for the EA projects to ensure the integration of the individual technical disciplines into the decision-making/EA process.

The main ingredients in a successful EA is compliance with the regulatory requirements and comprehensive proactive public and government ministry consultation. Staff have developed and implemented numerous public consultation programs and coordinated multi-disciplinary project teams of terrestrial and aquatic biologists, hydrogeologists and environmental/civil engineers.