Swamp Milkweed

Terrestrial Biology

Azimuth's terrestrial biologists conduct a wide range of wildlife studies including biological inventories and assessments, population ecology, spatial and behavioural studies of mammals, birds, and herpetiles, to assess ecosystem features and functions having regard for the surrounding land uses.

Our biologists are proficient in the evaluation of ecological systems. Biological assessments include plant community classification, floral and wildlife (birds, amphibians, mammals, and fish) inventories to assess development impacts upon vulnerable /threatened /endangered (VTE) species and other species at risk, local wildlife populations and movement corridors, wetlands, and the presence of unique habitats. Azimuth's biologists are qualified wetland evaluators, with experience completing wetland assessments, wetland boundary delineations, community characterization and significance. Projects include habitat restoration and re-vegetation plans, environmental impact assessments and the development of management measures for Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Assessments, and acquisition of Municipal, Provincial and Federal environmental approvals.