Fisheries & Aquatic Biology

Any project proposed in or around water has the potential to negatively impact fish and their habitats, and may require fisheries approvals from your local Conservation Authority or Fisheries and Oceans Canada... Read more

Terrestrial Biology

Azimuth's terrestrial biologists conduct a wide range of wildlife studies including biological inventories and assessments, population ecology, spatial and behavioural studies of mammals, birds, and herpetiles... Read More

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering represents a bridge between environmental concepts into facility engineering, addressing issues such as... Read More

Environmental Planning

Projects subject to approval under the provincial Environmental Assessment (EA) Act, Class Environmental Assessment's or the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act require environmental planning expertise ... Read More


The study of ground water is a fairly recent advancement of science, however it has fast become a central theme for all environmental assessments... Read More


Hydrology represents the surface water component of the water cycle, and is directly related the ground water regime... Read More