Environmental Assessments

The Class Environmental Assessment is a step wise planning process used for the evaluation and approval of infrastructure projects such as sewage treatment plants, potable water supplies, highways, electrical transmission facilities.  The process adheres to the requirements of the Environmental Assessment (EA) Act to evaluate the need for the project, alternatives to the undertaking, alternative methods of completing the undertaking, evaluation and selection of the preferred alternative and public and approval agency consultation. 

Azimuth undertakes Class EA's for municipalities, private sector proponents, utility companies and government agencies involved in the construction of new facilities, upgrades to existing facilities or for maintenance activities.  Private proponents constructing facilities that we assumed by a municipality (sewage treatment, potable water) post construction must comply with the Class EA. 

The project is always managed by a senior staff member and typically it involves our terrestrial and aquatic biologists, hydrogeologists and environmental engineers.  Public consultation is managed by our environmental planner.  Azimuth teams with civil engineering firms to provide our clients with full engineering expertise.