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Fisheries Approvals

Fisheries approvals are required for works that occur in or around water that have the potential to adversely impact fish habitat (as defined in the Federal Fisheries Act) including both direct and indirect fish habitat, in order to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and policies. This may pertain to large-scale development applications (such as bridge construction, municipal/ provincial scale infrastructure improvements, creation of floodway structures) or to minor projects (such as shoreline alterations on private lands, minor channel realignments, or culvert improvements). Azimuth's fisheries biologists have extensive experience evaluating projects that involve working around water, and are proficient at completing the necessary field studies and data collection to assess approval requirements for an array of project types.

Azimuth routinely completes fisheries and aquatic existing conditions reports, and impact assessments for private landowners, developers, municipalities, and the provincial government (e.g. MNR, MTO) in order to secure fisheries approvals from Conservation Authorities, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Parks Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR).