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Azimuth works with owners and operators to make plans turn into reality, within the constraints of environmental legislation. Legislation controls aspects such as buffer distances from natural areas, preservation of wetlands, water taking, sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. A complete suite of environmental studies required for municipal approvals can take 8 to 12 months to complete, and include assessments of hydrogeology, water budget and water management planning, storm water, natural heritage areas, wetlands and water courses, migratory birds, herptiles and potential habitat for sensitive species. It is equally important to assess the surety of a suitable water supply as it is to ensure that the water supply meets MOE protocols.

Existing facilities have monitoring requirements for water use, sewage treatment and drinking water quality. Depending on the sensitivity of the initial development, there may be monitoring requirements for natural heritage features, such as wetlands. Azimuth can complete this monitoring on your behalf or can train your staff to complete the monitoring.