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Landfill Design

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) requires that all landfills be designed and operated in accordance with Regulation 232/98 and Regulation 347 under the Environmental Protection Act.  Landfill design involves preparation of a detailed report that defines the landfill design (e.g., liner, leachate collection, methane gas control, site roads, waste fill area, buffers), operation (ground/surface water/leachate monitoring, on-site roads/structures) and closure (final cover design, surface water control, monitoring).  The landfill design is documented in a detailed Design and Operations Report that is submitted to MOE for approval.

A detailed landfill design is required for all landfills in Ontario.  It is required by the MOE in order to obtain approval for landfill operations.  MOE issues a Certificate of Approval that specifies the detailed requirements for the construction, operation and closure of landfill. 

Landfill design requires a fundamental understanding of the geologic and hydrogeologic setting of the site to understand how ground water and leachate will move and interact within the site.  Design of the liner or natural attenuation system that will manage leachate generation and containment.  It is critical to understand the site hydrogeology and the associated geology in order to design the leachate management system (liner with leachate collection and treatment, natural attenuation). 
Azimuth has been successful in significantly extending the life of existing landfill sites by redesigning the landfill to increase the site capacity with the existing footprint or with a minor expansion.  This approach is more cost effective and publicly acceptable than searching for a new site.  In most situations there is existing monitoring data that can be used to evaluate the hydrogeological impacts without undertaking additional studies.

Landfill design requires expertise in hydrogeology, engineering, hydrology, leachate characteristics, geochemistry, landfill operations and landfill closure.  Azimuth environmental engineering and hydrogeological staff have extensive experience in these disciplines required for landfill design.