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Waste Management

Landfill Design

Landfill design is a combination of regulatory approvals and enviromental planning. The selection of a landfill site and a complimentary design is a comprehensive undertaking that can take several years. Once a site is chosen, detailed design is prepared, addressing cell phasing, waste contours, leachate collection / treatment, traffic routing, and ancillary operations such as composting, recycling / diversion facilities, maintenance shop and weigh scales. A well-designed site will save time and money in the long term, and make your landfill reflect positively on your community...

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Landfill Monitoring

The purpose of landfill monitoring is to evaluate the actual impacts that a landfill is having on the natural environment. During site design, a series of predictions are made, and a design is selected that ensures that the landfill will not have a significant impact. Performance monitoring allows comparison of the predicted performance to the actual performance. If the actual impacts are greater than predicted, the site design or operations can be modified to protect the environment. While monitoring is traditionally associated with surface and ground water sampling, it can entail other less familiar forms of monitoring (i.e., biological / benthic monitoring)...

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