Staff at Work

Environmental Assessments

The Class Environmental Assessment is a step wise planning process used for the evaluation and approval of infrastructure projects such as sewage treatment plants, potable water supplies, highways, electrical transmission facilities... Read More

Fisheries Approvals

Fisheries approvals are required for works that occur in or around water that have the potential to adversely impact fish habitat... Read More

Site Remediation

Remediation of brownfields is required when contamination threatens the integrity of the natural environment and can be required when property use or ownership changes...Read More

Golf & Resorts

Azimuth works with owners and operators to make plans turn into reality, within the constraints of environmental legislation... Read More

Natural Heritage Studies

The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act requires that any development proposal that is within or in proximity to a significant natural heritage feature must complete a Natural Heritage Evaluation... Read More

Pit & Quarry Approvals

Aggregate pits and rock quarries are coming under increasing environmental scrutiny as a result of increased public awareness and conflicts with other land uses... Read More

Waste Management

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) requires that all landfills be designed and operated in accordance with Regulation 232/98 and Regulation 347 under the Environmental Protection Act... Read More

Wildlife Studies

Throughout our history, Azimuth's terrestrial biologists have conducted a range wildlife studies including:... Read More

Agency Approvals

Environmental approvals have become a standard requirement for development approvals, and cross the boundaries of traditional environmental studies. In many cases, municipalities are requesting .... Read More