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Glen Abbey

ClubLink Corporation

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Environmental aspects of golf course design, construction and operations

Azimuth has worked with ClubLink since 1996 and was fortunate to be part of the design and construction teams for Rattlesnake Point, Rocky Crest, Highland Gate, Emerald Hills, Station Creek, Rolling Hills, King's Riding, Grandview and Glencairn. Overall, we have provided services for 32 ClubLink properties. Our components included aspects of water management for irrigation and drinking water, wastewater treatment and re-use, site restoration, surface water and ground water monitoring and ecological studies.

Azimuth has also worked with ClubLink on many innovative projects over the last two decades. These have included the on-site wastewater treatment for clubhouses and associated housing, and the pioneering re-use of fully treated wastewater effluent for irrigation purposes, which results in water conservation, reduced fertilizer use and smaller environmental footprint. Azimuth has also worked with ClubLink on innovative water management approaches to reduce water use by utilizing multiple sources and ensure negligible impacts from water-taking, and research-oriented projects to monitor nutrient and herbicide fate.